What is, "I'm HERE"?

We are excited that you are willing to partner with the NEA-LGBTQ+ Caucus by wearing your “I’m Here” badge. By wearing our badge, you tell everyone that you are a safe person to discuss LGBTQ+ issues. Affirming LGBTQ+ youth couldn’t be easier than by identifying yourself as a safe and supportive person.

Use the QR code on the back of the badge to access the I'm HERE Educator Resource Toolkit with links to a variety of LGBTQ+ issues, organizations, and resources. The links are provided as a starting point to help you become aware and expand your knowledge of a variety of issues.

Get your Local, State Affiliate, or School District on board today! Order additional badges from the NEA LGBTQ+ Caucus. Larger quantities can be customized with your specific group’s logo/information.

Questions? imhere@nea-lgbtqc.org

Click here to order additional badges, or find out more about sponsorship, co-branding, or customization.

Links/Resources/Referrals to other organizations does not constitute an endorsement by the NEA-LGBTQ+ Caucus. All copyrights belong to their respective organization. If ¬†you are not a safe person or do not support LGBTQ+ youth or issues, please do not wear or display the “I’m Here” badge.